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What is the answer to life, the universe and everything?

22 junio 2006

Even google knows it ;)


BumpTop, a "natural" desktop

22 junio 2006

Imagine a desktop where your documents have physic properties to push another documents with their movement, a desktop where you can pile documents and search them in a fashionable and natural way. Take a look at BumTop, a prototype that takes the desktop metaphor one step further : api

21 junio 2006
Through Geertjan Wielenga’s blog I listen about a quite promising project I haven’t hear before. It’s the OpenOffice API and it provides interfaces to allow the use of facilities from within your own programs. You can see some initial tests done by Geertjan here and here. Actually the site is under maintenance so I can’t download it, but i’ll do it as soon as possible and post something here.

One video to play

20 junio 2006

I just created one little flash video using wink to show what i’ve done till now, still needs refinements, text is ugly but it’s somehow nice (it’s 14MB, expect some slowness)(Wink died if I disabled the overlayed cursor, so it’s there ;)

Any feedback/ideas are more than welcome

First screenshot ever

3 junio 2006
I’ve been working today to get something visual to post in this blog, and something has come up.
Looks nice, doesn’t it?

The code is insane and text alignment is not correct, but you can see some localization going on in the Kdevelop icon.

As you can see folders are also recognized and i’m working to integrate a mime recognizer to put icons for the files that are neither “.desktop” nor directories.

The layout is static for now, so I must work a way to make it reorderable. One possibilty would be to use a quite usual desktop approach:

  1. Let user freely move icons on desktop, limiting him to not take icons out-of-screen.
  2. Allow user to set icons to stay where they are left or to snap to grid.

More to come…